Product Specifications :

  • 【Model Number】JQB-B2
  • 【Folded】No
  • 【General Use】Storage of valuables and dangerous goods
  • 【Material】Metal
  • 【Wood Style】Panel
  • 【Wood Type】Other
  • 【Size】500*480*1200
  • 【Metal Type】Other
  • 【Brand Name】Leopard
  • 【Panel Type】Other
  • 【Model Number】JQB-B2
FOB Reference Price
US $ 298.00 | >=5 Set
  • T/T
  • Other

Product description

The safe is a special container. According to its functions, it can be divided into fire-proof and theft-proof safes, magnetic-proof safes, fire-proof and magnetic-proof safes, fire-proof and anti-theft safes and so on. Each safe has its own national standard. There are two kinds of safe on the market. According to different cryptographic working principles, theft-proof safes (boxes) can be divided into mechanical insurance and electronic insurance. The former is characterized by cheaper price and more reliable performance. Most of the early safes were mechanical ones. Electronic safes (boxes) are electronic locks that apply intelligent control methods such as electronic passwords and IC cards to safes (boxes). Their characteristics are easy to use. Especially when they are used in hotels, they need to change their passwords frequently. Therefore, it is more convenient to use electronic password safes (boxes).

According to reports, the anti-theft safe is defined in the standard as abnormal entry into the cabinet equipped with mechanical and electronic locks (including password locks, IC card locks, etc.) under the specified conditions of resistance within a specified time. The security level of the anti-theft safe can be seen from its product model, such as: FDG-A1/D-53, where A1 represents its security level. The color of paint film (or spray film) on the external surface of anti-theft safe cabinet should be uniform, and there should be no obvious defects such as cracks, air gowns and spots. (2) The height of the cabinet body is less than 600 mm, the upper, right and left clearances between the cabinet door and the door frame are less than 1.5 mm and the lower clearance is less than 2 mm, and the excessive clearance will reduce the anti-theft performance. (3) When the quality of Class A and Class B anti-theft safe is less than 340 kg, anti-prying fixed holes, anti-prying fixtures and instructions for fixing should be installed, and attention should be paid to fixing them in time according to the requirements of the instructions. (4) The thickness of door panels of anti-theft safe is 8-10 mm.

Supply ability

15000.0 Set per year

Packaging and shipping

Lead time : 30 Day
Port : Shenzhen
Packaging details: 600*600*1500

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