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Product Specifications :

  • 【Metal Type】Iron
  • 【Model Number】JQB-S2
  • 【General Use】Books in full bloom
  • 【Wood Type】Other
  • 【Size】900*450*2000
  • 【Material】Metal
  • 【Wood Style】Panel
  • 【Panel Type】Other
  • 【Brand Name】Leopard
  • 【Model Number】JQB-S2
  • 【Folded】Yes
FOB Reference Price
US $ 150.00 | >=50 Set
  • T/T
  • Other

Product description

Bookshelves in libraries can be divided into metal bookshelves and wooden bookshelves according to their materials. Metal bookshelves can be subdivided into single-column, double-column, stacked bookshelves, dense bookstores and sliding bookshelves.

Wooden bookshelf

Wood bookshelf materials include solid wood, sheet metal, core wood, granular board and other processed group metal forming, painting or using surface decoration materials, soft texture. The common form of library is vertical L-shelf with inclined base. It is convenient for readers to access books. It has different types of specifications.

Single column type

The so-called single-pillar bookshelf refers to the weight of books on each partition with single-pillar metal on both sides. Each bookshelf is 90 cm in length and can be used alone or arranged in succession. Generally speaking, the height of the bookshelf is over 200 cm, and the top specialty is connected by tie rods to ensure safety.

Complex column type

It refers to the two sides of the bookshelf, each with more than two pillars, bearing the horizontal partition to transfer the book load. However, in order to promote aesthetics, wooden boards are added to both sides and top of metal double-column bookshelves.

Stacked bookshelf

In order to make full use of the limited space to store a large number of books, it is a good method to use the durability of steel materials to provide display books for stacked shelves. However, the specifications of bookshelves vary from country to country. For example, in the United States, the net height of stacked bookshelves is 2280 mm and each floor is divided into 5-7 sections. In European countries, such as the United Kingdom, the net height of each floor is 2250 mm, the width of partition is 200 mm and the width of pillar is 50 mm.

Supply ability

45000.0 Set per year

Packaging and shipping

Lead time : 30 Day
Port : Shenzhen
Packaging details: 1000*600*2200

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