High Alumina High Strength Refractory Mortar Furnace Heat Resistant Castables High Strength Bauxite Low Cement Refractory Castable

Product Specifications :

  • 【SiO2 Content (%)】15
  • 【MgO Content (%)】-
  • 【CrO Content (%)】-
  • 【Refractoriness (Degree)】1770°< Refractoriness< 2000°
  • 【Al2O3 Content (%)】78
  • 【SiC Content (%)】-
  • 【Model Number】AC FLO-781
  • 【Shape】Block
  • 【Material】Castable
  • 【CaO Content (%)】2.5
  • 【Brand Name】Huanya
FOB Reference Price
US $ 475.00 | 5 ~ 9 Ton
US $ 450.00 | 10 ~ 24 Ton
US $ 420.00 | >=25 Ton
  • T/T

Product description

1.High overall structural strength. 2.Save time, and save the steps of stirring, pouring or tapping and baking refractory castables. 3.Save consumables for refractory materials, such as the use of refractory clay. The fire-resistant prefabricated parts are assembled with boring head joints, and there is no straight seam. Once the furnace is completed, it can be quickly heated up and put into use. 4.Arbitrarily prefabricated into various shapes, with good thermal shock resistance, high strength, and good resistance to spalling.According to statistics, it is known that the use of refractory preforms can extend the life cycle of refractory materials, reduce the loss of refractory materials at the site by more than 40%, shorten the shutdown of kiln and maintenance by at least 35%, and reduce the work hardening intensity of workers by 40%. The above; As the castable precast parts are all constructed by direct masonry, the construction time is shortened, the construction cost is reduced, and some palladium and calcium silicate boards are eliminated. In view of degradation, the cost is reduced by at least 20%.

Supply ability

40.0 Ton per day

Packaging and shipping

Lead time : 15-30 Day
Port : Guangzhou
Packaging details: 25Kg/ Bag or 50Kg/ Bag 1.4Ton load on wooden pallets

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