New Design 3D Leather Panel

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US $ 7.50 ~ $ 8.50 | >=200 Piece
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Product description




Water and Moistrure poof

Because of the excellent Polyurethane leather on the surface and back, and the bamboo charcoal fiber in the foam, it makes the panels waterproof and moisture proof. And it's easy to be cleaned like how we clean the leather sofa.


Fire retardant

The fire retardant performance reaches B in EN13501 and was certified by SGS. It also produces very low smoke, and it is the taste of bamboo charcoal after burning, not irritating.


Sound proof


Soft and high rebound

The panel is composed of high density foam. Its high rebound means not ruffle, never deform. It has excellent effect of collision avoidance.



Because the light and soft, even if the wall paint falls off, the panels won’t hurt people. It's a good material for ceiling as well.


Bend easily

TANGRAM embodies the professional wisdom when there is the circle or square column or the corner.

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