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Agricultural Rubber Tracks for Kubota DC95 (550*90*56)
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Agricultural Rubber Tracks for Kubota DC95 (550*90*56)

1.Product Information

1.Name of commodityRubber Track 550*90*56 
5.Total Length5040mm
7.MaterialRubber & Steel
8.Steel cord typeContinuous inner steel cord with joint free
9.WarrantyGuarantee one year under normal use

 2.Special Features of the POOYERT Rubber Tracks

- 3 Metal Cores Wound Up: Higher durability & Better flexibility

- Smaller Contact Surface (Smaller Lug): Better grip & traction

- Bi Directional: Tracks are Interchangeable

- Reinforced Edges Between Lugs: Decreasing the chance of slicing

- Jointless: Track is much stronger than the joint type

3. State of art technology

Thanks for endless our clients believe us and place the order to us. So we have enough found to invest on R&D every year. 
With several years research, we applied the Continuous Rubber Track inside the rubber track. 

Agricultural Rubber Tracks for Kubota DC95 (550*90*56)

Continuous rubber track means the steel inside the rubber in process is coherent which means there are no weld joint between the steel. Comparing with common rubber track, Continuous Rubber track has some Performance Advantages as follow:

1: Good tensile strength
The framework of the continuous rubber track is wind-up by one, single steel wire which offers a uniform a uniform tensile strength for which increase the whole track's tensile stength.

2: Low elongation
Cause of the continuous structure of the track, the steel wire internal hard to be elongated so that gives the track a very low elongation.

3: Good anti-slip ability for steel wire internal
The steel wire under the continuous structure forced uniform during the process of manufacture which makes the steel wire internal has a good ability of anti-slip during the rubber track's working.

4: Stable dimension for pitch
The continuous structure assures low elongtion for rubber track which makes the dimension of the pitch more stable.

5. Steel wire not easy to break
The continuous structure can offer a uniform tensile strength for the steel wire internal which makes the steel wire not easy to break and appear on the surface of the rubber track.

Since years, POOYERT makes use of the continuous steel-cable technology in order to enlarge strength and resistance. POOYERT rubber tracks are 40% stronger and long lasting, and the costs for the customers are reduced.

4.Why choose rubber track?

*Less ground damage
Rubber tracks cause less damage to roads than steel tracks, and less rutting on soft ground than steel tracks.

*Low Noise
A benefit to equipment operating in congested areas, rubber tracks make less noise than steel tracks.

*High speed 
Rubber tracks permit machines to travel at a higher speed than steel tracks.

*Less vibration
Rubber tracks insulate machine and operator from vibration, extending the service life of machine and decreasing operator's fatigue.

*Low ground pressure
The ground pressure of rubber tracks equipped machinery can be fairly low, about 0.14-2.30kg/m2, a major reason for its use on wet and soft terrain.

*Superior traction
The added traction of rubber  tracked vehicles permits them to pull twice the load of wheeled vehicles of the same weight.

*Light machinery weight
Rubber track's pulling performance being twice that of wheels, it permits the lighter vehicles equip with rubber track to do the same pulling work than that of wheeled vehicles.

5. How to confirm the size of the rubber tracks?
Normally, we quote to our clients according to the size of the rubber track. The size of the rubber track including width of the rubber track, pitch length of the rubber track, and the links.
Size: Width x Pitch x Links      Unit: mm
Agricultural Rubber Tracks for Kubota DC95 (550*90*56)

6. The notice of using rubber tracks

1.Adjust the tension of the rubber crawler so that the height, the variable range is 10-20mm when the machine is lifted. Readjust when the tension decreases. (Be careful because the rubber crawler may come off if the tension is too low).

2.Avoid projections from the frame around the rubber crawler, especially on its inner circumference. (Rubber crawlers are easily deformed; if it comes into contact with the frame, an accident such as the rubber being cut can occur).

3.Avoid sharp projections when travelling.

4.Avoid turning too fast on concrete roads with a high coefficient of friction because this can cause accidents such as cutting the rubber.

5.Be careful that no oil, ect adheres to the rubber track. If it does, wipe it off immediatedly.

6.When storing for long periods, keep indoors, away from direct sunshine and rain.

7.Replace as soon as possible when abrasion of the sprockets is observed.

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